Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing is one of the major areas in a house. If water leaks into your floor or wall spaces, it will cause significant damage and rot structural timbers. Able Waterproofing can waterproof your bathroom floor without any hassle, mess, or long term problems.

It’s important to make sure your waterproofing stands the test of time and is certified under the Australian Standard AS3740-2010 – ‘Waterproofing of domestic wet areas’. Able Waterproofing can provide certificates so you are certain your bathroom meets the quality standards required.

How long does bathroom waterproofing take?

It depends on the size of your bathroom. Typically waterproofing a bathroom takes approximately two days.

What areas in the bathroom need to be waterproofed?

The floor and shower recess are typical areas of the bathroom that need to be waterproofed.