Torch, Sheet & Liquid Membranes

Torch On Membranes

Torch on waterproofing membranes have been used for many years, these systems are known for their longevity especially in exposed flat roof applications.

Torch on waterproofing membranes come in sheet form on rolls, and are applied by means of heating with a gas torch to their melting point and then laid on the substrate.

They are made of modified asphaltic bitumen and come in 2 main types, SBS - A rubber modified variant & APP - a plastic modified variant.

Torch on systems can be either a single ply or dual ply system with film thicknesses ranging from 4mm-7mm.

The exposed layer is often a mineral chip coated face with a rough texture designed to protect the membrane from UV and foot traffic while providing an aesthetic finish.

Torch on waterproofing is a heavy duty solution and in general will have the longest service life and manufacturer warranty for exposed applications.

Other applications where torch on waterproofing membranes are used are; Planter boxes, retaining walls, green roof areas, plant rooms, box gutters, balconies & podium decks.

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Other Sheet Membranes

Sheet waterproofing membranes come in many different variants, compositions and application methods. As technology advances, sheet membranes are becoming more popular because of their ease of use, durability and mess free application.

PVC or TPO waterproofing systems are regarded as the top shelf waterproofing systems for non trafficable applications. PVC sheet membranes are heat welded at the seams creating a single sheet for water protection. PVC or TPO systems can be installed as loose laid or adhered configurations. These systems can be used in internal wet areas such as bathrooms as well as low traffic external wet areas such as roof tops.

Adhesive sheet membranes are a peel & stick system with a wide range of waterproofing applications. These systems can be used on both internal and external wet areas. Adhesive sheet membranes have a peel off plastic backing which is removed to expose an adhesive backing that adheres to the substrate itself and also to the exposed face of the sheet membrane to create a sealed overlap. These systems are often composed of a SBS modified bitumen or a butyl rubber both with high tack resins for superior adhesion.

Fleece backed sheet membranes are flexible membranes encased in a fabric fleeced layer. These systems are used in conjunction with a liquid membrane to provide adhesion to the substrate and seal the seams. These waterproofing systems offer additional anti fracture protection and also provide decoupling properties.

Decoupling mats are a form of sheet waterproofing membrane system which are used to isolate the substrate from the finished flooring, usually tiles. These systems are essential in high movement areas to allow movement and reduce the risk of cracking and movement of the finished flooring.

The Wedi waterproofing system is a relatively new system to market in Australia and has gained momentum quickly for its fast installation time, heavy duty properties and versatility.

Wedi can be used to sheet and form wet areas and features such as vanities, shelves & neiches whilst all substrates being waterproof. It comes in rigid polystyrene sheets and provides an extremely strong and long lasting waterproofing system.

The wedi system comes with a 10 year installation warranty along with a further 10 years on the product itself.

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Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

Liquid waterproofing systems are the most commonly used membranes.

They come in the form of a rollable, trowelable or sprayable liquid packaged in drums.

Liquid waterproofing systems provide a seamless impervious layer and are flexible & hard wearing.

Liquid waterproofing systems are compatible with all applications and come in an array of different make ups and formulas depending on the application.

Some different types of liquid waterproofing systems include;

  • Water-Based liquid membranes
  • Solvent based liquid membranes
  • 2 Part liquid membranes
  • 2 Part cementitious slurry liquid membranes
  • 2 Part epoxy negative vapour membranes & primers

These liquid systems are mostly made up of polyurethanes, polyureas, SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubbers), Acrylics & Polyamine adducts.

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