Looking for professional waterproofing in Sydney?

Sydney waterproofing is carried out under the qualification CPC31411, Certificate III in construction waterproofing, and is part of the Building Code Of Australia. it involves the use of protective treatments in a dwelling, in order to prevent water or moisture penetration. There are many different methods and materials all of which must comply with the Building Code Of Australia and CPC31411.

Other, dated qualifications include:

  • CPC31408 Certificate III in waterproofing construction, or

  • Certificate III BCG31403 in Waterproofing or general construction or

  • A 90464 Certificate III in Waterproofing and general construction, course number 8126

Waterproofing works to the dollar value of less than $5000 may be carried out by a tradesman with the qualification CPC31411 only and a contractors licence is not legally required.

Works over the dollar value of $5000 must only be carried out by Department of fair trading licensed waterproofing contractors.

In saying this it is strongly recommended to only have a licensed waterproofing contractor carry out all waterproofing works as they have been assessed and been approved by the department of fair trading and you can rest assured they are qualified to do a adequate job.

Waterproofing Contractors Sydney:

Waterproofing in Sydney is taken seriously, and it is important to find a good contractor that will ensure the job is done professionally, and that it will last for a long time.

A good contractor will have be licensed by the department of fair trading and offer manufacturers warranties and general workmanship warranties.

The are many benefits of having a professional do this job for you, including:

Safety: A good waterproofer will ensure your house is completely waterproofed, so as to keep your family and possessions safe. Water can cause catastrophic structural damage, ruin furniture and cause illness through exposure to damp and mold.

Preservation: A good waterproofer will preserve your house and keep it in good condition for a long period of time, regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Value: Waterproofing will add value to your home, as it will ensure your home to not suffer damage as a result of water or moisture. A qualified contractor will ensure your home retains its value year after year and the waterproofing system is fit to last many years.

Moisture: Moisture interferes with the atmosphere and the air we breathe. This can cause damage to your furniture, and also cause respiratory problems and long term health problems through exposure to mold. Waterproofing your home will keep out moisture and allow you to breathe clean dry air. Contract a professional waterproofer will ensure the job is done correctly and professionally.

Waterproofing your house may be expensive, but the benefits far out way the cost. Waterproofing typically costs 1-2% of your total building costs when building a new dwelling or 7-8% of your cost when renovating a bathroom, but it is an important investment and should not be overlooked.

If the waterproofing is to fail the process of repair would include:

  • Remove all fixings and fittings.

  • Remove all tiles and sand cement bedding.

  • Replace damaged wall and floor sheets.

  • Re-Waterproof.

  • Lay a new sand cement bed.

  • Re-Tile.

  • Attach all fittings and fixings again.

The costs can run into the tens of thousands.

Furthermore if you are to use an unlicensed or non reputable waterproofer, the costs will come out of your own pocket and they
will likely deny any wrongdoing or bad workmanship.

Waterproofers Sydney:

To look for qualified waterproofers in Sydney, you can search in the yellow pages, Google or visit nsw.gov.au to select waterproofers that have attained the required qualifications.

Remember that prevention is better than a cure, and therefore protecting your home from water damage is cheaper than repairing your house from water damage.

Be aware that the cheapest quote is very often not the best option, tilers may offer waterproofing at a fraction of the cost or you may find waterproofing contractors that will offer a much better price than others but there is always a compromise whether it be products used, experience, honesty or quality of the work you receive.


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